Close-up porn videos feature explicit close-up shots of sexual acts and body parts. This content provides an intimate look at the performers engaging in various sexual activities such as oral sex, fingering, handjobs, and penetration. These scenes are often captured from a variety of angles to give you an up close and personal view of the action.

Rydell Solo
I had put out a call for extra big dicks, and Rydell appeared on my radar just in time for Monster Cock Week.Rydell is a straight guy, but has definitely had a few daddy types ask to suck on his cock. I wouldn't put him squarely in the Bi category, but he is not opposed to attention from other guys. It sounds like he will sit back and get his dick serviced, and has not reciprocated in any way. Yet. Not only is his cock huge, but his balls are big and swing wide. He jerks his cock aggressively, and his balls bounce around like crazy. My solos all tend to have the same rhythm, because so many of the guys are new and I try to keep things uncomplicated. I had discussed beforehand with Rydell what was the easiest position for him to cum in and he said most definitely laying on his back. So, I went over the positions we would attempt, letting him know that his final would be on his back, and I would move the cameras around and then he could try to cum. Well once he was up on his knees, he got super turned-on and the next thing I know he was busting his nut. Thankfully I had the cameras pretty much in place, though his cock is a little out of frame as he moves a bit out of frame on the close-up. Rydell will be back later this week, in the Edge chair, playing with one of the other Monster cocked guys!
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