Gay Glory Hole

A Gay Glory Hole is a sexual niche where one person (the “receiver”) stands in a booth or stall, usually in a public restroom or private sex club, and is sexually stimulated by an anonymous partner (the “giver”) on the other side of the wall. The oral sex acts typically involve mutual fellatio, analingus, or deep throat action.

Claudio Antonelli, Chris Hacker XXX Video
Chris Hacker may have went to the bathroom for the very same reason many men go... sex, of course!One has to be careful when cruising, however, and Chris is just pretending to use the facilities, when in walks a second visitor, Claudio Antonelli. Claudio has no pretentions, and immediately recognizes a fellow adventurer in search of fun.It doesn't take long for Claudio to get a nice taste of cock through the hole in the stall wall, and before he can say anything, he turns around and begs Chris to fuck him in the ass.Sliding his cock through two holes at a time, Chris fucks Claudio nice and hard. There's still a barrier that prevents the deepest of fucking, so now that the introductions have been made, Chris walks over to Claudio's stall, and the real fucking begins! Claudio gets that dick nice and deep, and the pleasure is so great, he comes first, all over his finely sculpted and tattoed torso.Having too much fun himself, Chris pulls out, and comes all over Claudio's willing hole.
Trystan Bull & Dylan Hauser in Through The Glory Hole XXX Video
Trystan Bull has had his workout at the gym, but the tension isn't quite gone. So he takes a porno mag to the restroom and begins to jerk-off, unaware (or unconcerned) that there is a hole in the stall. Dylan Hauser was just trying to take a leak, but when he hears moaning coming from the stall, and sees Trystan through the glory hole, he decides to pull his dick out and jerk off too. Well when Trystan discovers Dylan, he decides to make it a party. You know what they say: two heads are better than one.Enjoy!
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