Squirt is a category of videos featuring female ejaculation, also known as gushing or squirting. This type of porn typically includes up-close shots of women enjoying intense orgasms and releasing large amounts of fluid. Squirt videos often showcase the power and beauty of female sexuality, and can help viewers explore their own sexual fantasies.

Seb Solo
Seb and I just clicked when we would email and talk on the phone. He was very excited about doing a peep video and did like 3-4 jack off sessions. He was very diligent, polite, and really wanted to please.He used to be quite heavy, losing about 100 pounds, so I kinda liked the fact he had worked so hard to get healthy, and I figured many members and fans could relate. I believe he mentions it during his solo interview. He was a big guy!Also what I liked was he is a slow-stroker. During his peep video kept trying to cum 'hands-free' A lot of uncut guys seem to jerk off fast and furious that there is a lot of motion blur. Sure enough during his solo he lets go at the last second and allows a squirt or two to escape on their own.Anyway, I find Seb very relate-able, and hope you will enjoy him putting on a show for you with better lighting and filming conditions!
A Touch Of Envy
A TOUCH OF ENVY SCENE OPENS on April (Aiden Ashley) are hanging out at home in the kitchen when Mia gets a call from work and has to go, leaving Cassidy alone. Meanwhile, in the other room, April is at her computer, at work on a devious plan. With a malicious look in her eyes, she sends an altered photo of Mia cheating on Cassidy to Cassidy. When Cassidy receives the photo, she is heartbroken. Enacting the next part of her plan, April walks into the kitchen as Cassidy is breaking down. April begins to comfort Cassidy. In a fit of jealousy, Cassidy - playing right into April's hands - begins kissing April passionately. Mia should NEVER have messed with April...
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